Cloud Nine Guitars
Cloud Nine Guitars
Cloud Nine Guitars

So you want to make guitars for a living?

Mark and Lisa O'Brien, the owners of Cloud Nine Guitars are moving on to travel this amazing country of ours; and we have reluctantly chosen to sell our lovely business to enable us to continue living our dreams to travel and work around Australia; but unfortunately we cannot take the business with us on the road!

Creating and crafting guitars by hand is a deeply rewarding labour of love and if you are passionate about this type of trade, hobby or business then you will not regret making this decision.

We purchased Cloud Nine Guitars 10 years ago from the original owner who started the company and since then we have further grown it's customer base and built a strong reputation for creating quality, stylish instruments and a unique hand built Acoustic guitar making business.

The business is registered, the name has a trade mark attached to it for protection which is still current, has a web host, it's own email, comes with all the tools and jigs you need to start creating your own unique instruments and a good sized customer base, and will continually offer you opportunities for growth and expansion, should you wish to do this….we did!

As it stands our business is not being sold as a going concern; but can easily be grown into a thriving business as we did, or become your sideline income stream, an add on to your current building shop or possibly a retirement dream.

Cloud Nine Guitars is a genuine sale; we have nothing to hide and would love to see this business go to the right person or couple, there are no bells or whistles, discounts, dancing girls or freebies...just real people, a genuine offer at a bargain price.

We would love to hear from you if you are seriously considering a life change such as this!

Please, genuine buyers only.

Offer #1: We are asking a total cost of $80,000 for the business, including tools and jigs and it comes equipped with fittings and fixtures to carry out the business including a shop, lower floor with 3 rear working rooms and an upper floor with 2 rooms and oodles of space! All this can be deconstructed and taken away to your venue of choice.

Or if that Sea Change is more your style then the shed that we work out of is currently for Sale or Rent, and if you considered moving to Port Douglas as we did, you could move into the shed when we leave in February 2020.

Offer #2: We will also break up the cost of the sale if you simply would like to purchase the trusted and established business name and trade mark, together with all the tools, jigs and equipment, to begin your own Guitar making business for just $45,000 !
The fittings and fixtures we would then sell separately.

We do have a deadline for this sale as we do need to move on.  

If the business does not sell by 31/12/19 we will be forced to advertise the business and all the fittings and fixtures as a separate sale and sell everything off individually.

Once that happens, this wonderful offer of a lifetime will no longer be available.

Please call Mark on 0484 345 583 or Lisa on 410 508 186 for enquiries.


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